Welcome to olwidget’s documentation!

olwidget is a javascript library that makes it easy to add editable maps to forms. It operates by replacing a textarea with an editable map, and writes WKT data back to the textarea for processing.

olwidget.js functions as a standalone javascript library, usable in any context where you need editable maps. django-olwidget is an included Django application that uses olwidget.js to smoothly integrate editable maps into Django forms and to improve the functionality of forms in admin.

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  • Easy creation of maps with editable overlays
  • Support for points, linestrings, plygons, and multiple geometry types per map
  • Multiple map providers (including OpenStreetMaps, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, CloudMade, etc)
  • Maps with informational windows, clustered points, and paginated data displays
  • Extended features for maps in Django admin, including overview maps on changelist pages, support for multiple geometries and collection types, and customizable map colors, start points, and zoom levels
  • Same license as Django (see COPYING.rst for details)


Install from pypi using easy_install:

easy_install django-olwidget

or pip:

pip install django-olwidget

The latest version is on github:

git clone https://github.com/yourcelf/olwidget.git

Found a bug? Please file an issue on github.

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